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Serverless Deployment of Sentence Transformer models

May 09, 2022 • ml mlops aws serverless sentence-transformer semantic-search

Learn how to build and serverlessly deploy a simple semantic search service for emojis using sentence transformers and AWS lambda.

Managing Python Environments in 2022 (for the 99%)

Apr 25, 2022 • python best-practices

TL;DR: Install mambaforge, use mamba to install packages, and pin direct dependencies inside your environment.yml.

A Gentle Introduction to AI: Resources for Decision-Makers

Mar 14, 2022 • machine-learning ai deep-learning

A list of the most valuable resources for decision-makers to learn just enough about AI to get going.

Secrets Management in Google Colab

Feb 28, 2022 • machine-learning google-colab

Managing secrets on Google Colab is difficult and cumbersome. I present a solution that is painless, powerful and secure.